Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery,

Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery

Location: The Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery is situated approximately nine kilometers away from district Leh, the state Jammu and Kashmir, India. Jammu railway station is the nearest station to reach Leh by train.

Description: The Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery was established in the year 1973 and it is the seat of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Chime Tulku Rinpoche. This monastery is maintained by Tibetan Buddhists of Karmapa. At present there are seventeen Karmapa in the world. The first Karmapa, named Dusum Khyenpa, was a disciple of the Tibetan master Gampopa who taught the teachings of Buddhism and he was the one who gave clear indication for his reincarnation. This way the system of reincarnating Lamas also known as “Tulku” initiated in Tibet for over 800 years. The seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje is running the Karma Kagyu School. This monastery is a great piece of historic architecture and comprises the Tibetan pattern, which demonstrates the Buddhist culture and religion in an interesting manner.

Activities: Located amidst breathtaking ambiance, this monastery attracts a lot of devotees and nature lovers. Besides marveling at its amazing structure and mesmerizing beauty, you can also visit other famous places located nearby, like Leh Palace, Hall of Fame museum and Shanti Stupa.

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