Juma Masjid, Gujarat

Juma Masjid

Juma Masjid, which means the Friday Mosque, is situated in the heart of Ahmedabad. Perhaps, it is the largest masjid in Indian subcontinent and the most splendid mosque built in the sovereignty of Sultan Ahmed Shah, in year 1424. Situated on the Mahatma Gandhi road, opposite to the Teen Darwaza, this mosque displays a perfect blend of Hindu- Muslim architectural designs.

Beautifully carved and built using the yellow sandstone, masjid draws a large number of tourists with its colossal magnificence. You can even witness the tombs of its co-founder, his grandson and his son Ahmad Shah Rauza, who ruled this city. In close proximity, there are the graves of his queen and other sultan’s wives.

The western chamber is the most enthralling structure within the Mosque, with 260 pillars imprinted with fine paintings and structural designs. In addition to this, there is a large rectangle shaped courtyard, which is built using white marbles and a pool in the midst of the mosque augment its appeal.

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