Sarkhej Roja, Gujarat

Sarkhej Roja

Sarkhej Roja is a wonderful place which is a beautiful amalgamation of three worlds, namely religious, royal and social. Sarkhej became associated with a Sufi saint, Sultan Ahmed Shah, who is believed to have lived for 111 years and spent the later years of his life here. Upon his death, the great conquer Mohammed Shah structured a tomb in his honor.

Stretching over an area of 8kms on the southern - western region of the city, it holds a cluster of monuments, which reminds about the time when Mughals ruled Ahmedabad. The tombs and palaces here form a major part of the royal world. The complex is surrounded with intricate gardens on all its sides and was architected by two great Persian brothers, Azam and Mu'azzam, who made this place an ideal retreat on earth.

The mosque represents the religious monarchy and has an imposing structural design, which depicts the communal world. Along with its impressively carved stone structure, it creates an ambiance of serenity for those seeking peace from the tiring city life. The place is now renowned for mediation and repose.

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