Calico Textile Museum, Gujarat

Calico Textile Museum

Founded by Ms. Gira Sarabhai, Calico museum of textiles is undoubtedly among the finest textile museums all over the world. Established in 1949 AD, it exhibits a huge variety of remarkable fabrics, which span across remote regions of country.

It is known to house woven fabrics, ranging from religious clothing to ones worn in royal court rooms, thus representing the history of handicraft textiles across five centuries. A unique aspect of this textile museum is that textiles are collected here with the vision to built awareness and conserve the textile legacy of India.

With time it has managed to grow out as an exceptional depository of fabrics and is well known for its huge variety fabrics in various colors and beautiful embroidery, including mirrors, silk threads, beads etc. In addition to this it serves as the centralized unitholding workshops, which provides Indian as well as international intellectuals a chance to study this amazing range of Indian culture. The museum offers a lavish display of impressive designs and fabrics for every visitor.

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