Kankaria Lake, Gujarat

Kankaria Lake

Built around 1451, by Sultan Qutb-ud-din, Kankaria Lake is among the largest lakes in the city. Positioned in the southern part of Ahmedabad, it is to be found in the Maninagar area.

Moreover, Kankaria is an artificial lake having an outline of a polygon. In the midst of the lake is an island garden, Nagina Wadi, which is known to be the prime attraction. The lake is now a common entertainment center for tourists with attractions like toy train, balloon and water rides, various food stalls and a natural history museum.

It is formerly renowned as Hauj-e-Qutub, as the late sultan and his queens were known to use this as their bathing ghat. You can see huge influx of local people and visitors, especially during weekends and holidays. Tourists can enjoy the carnival, which is a weeklong festival celebrated every year in the month of December, accompanied with many social and art activities.

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