Teen Darwaza, Gujarat

Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza, situated in the heart of the city, is an embodiment of structural marvel. It is recognized among the finest Islamic monuments of India.

Located adjacent to Bhadra fort, the monument has splendid beauty, which is simply awe-inspiring. It is constructed using astonishing arched gates and intricately carved details, which make it the longest and the oldest passageway in Ahmedabad.

The structure was established in 141 A.D. under the reign of Sultan Ahmed Shah, also the co-founder of this city. The darwaza is supposed to serve as a way to Bhadra Fort, as an entrance to the Royal Square. In addition to this, the great emperor Jahangir used to visit this place, in order to keep a check at the convoy, which had started from this gateway. He was always seen accompanied by her wife, Noorjahan.

The beautiful semi-circular windows and amazing structural designs of this monument are adorned with mesh work, due to which this regal fortress is among the most adored tourist destinations in Gujarat.

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