Shaking Minarets, Gujarat

Shaking Minarets

Shaking Minarets, commonly recognized as Jhulta Minar, is a puzzle even for the world’s best pioneering designers and architects and it is renowned for its swaying minarets and superb craftsmanship.

It is an archetypal example of fine architecture and a never resolving mystery. Even the British once tried to demolish one Minar of this mosque to discover the reason behind Shaking Minars but the mechanism that leads to this vibration is still a puzzle.

Jhulta Minarets is in fact a part of Siddi Bashir Mosque and is built in such a way that if one applies a little pressure or shakes the upper arc of the minaret then the adjacent Minar begins to vibrate within few seconds. However, the fact that the structure connecting these two minarets stays vibration free makes this entire mystery even more intriguing. It is a wonderful place to visit with children and witness this mystical phenomenon.

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