Tulian / Tarsir Lake, Kashmir

Tulian / Tarsir Lake

Location: Located in Pahalgam district, Tarsir Lake is one of the most charming attractions of Jammu and Kashmir. To reach this lake, tourists need to travel 16 km from Pahalgam and 11 km while coming via Bai Saran.

Description: Tulian Lake is also famous by another name, Tarsir Lake, among tourists. It is elevated at an altitude of 3,353 meters above sea level. Key sights of Tarsir Lake are mountains covered with snow and endless green pine forests. This wonderful lake lies between two famous Himalayan mountain ranges, Pir Panjal and Zanskar. Tranquility and natural beauty, these are two main factors that attract people from all over the world towards places like Tulian Lake. The crystal clear water of the lake and its breathtaking beauty are enough to attract any person. Tourists can also see chunks of ice floating in the water which adds more beauty to the lake. The lake stays almost frozen throughout the year, but it’s not that easy to walk on it.

Activities: Tulian Lake is an extraordinary destination to relax and meditate in the lap of nature. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts where they can experience trekking and camping on the lake sides.

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