Pathar Masjid, Kashmir

Pathar Masjid

Location: Situated across the Jhelum River and about 6 km away from Srinagar, Pathar Masjid is one of the holiest Islamic shrines in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Description: Built by Mughal empress Noor Jahan, Pathar Masjid is a sacred historic monument dating back to 1623 AD. The mosque is one of its kinds, built horizontally and consisting of nine arches. It is said that the construction work of this mosque was accomplished under the supervision of a well-known Mughal historian, Malik Hyder Chaudhary. Despite of the fact that the mosque is in ruins today, it still attracts archaeologists and history buffs on a large scale to study the early Mughal art and architecture. Symbolizing the splendor, passion and grandeur of the Mughal era, it has become a famous landmark of Kashmir. Once utilized as a scared place of Islam worshippers and practices, one should visit this place and understand importance of culture and religion in a shrine. Every country has its own flavor of designing a mosque, like Pathar Masjid signifies the Indian Mughal architecture. Hence, one should not miss the chance to visit Pathar Masjid on a trip to Kashmir.

Activities: Next to Pathar Masjid, you can also visit Shah-e-Hamdan and other attractions, like Jama Masjid and Rozabal Shrine.

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