Makhdoom Sahib Shrine, Kashmir

Makhdoom Sahib Shrine

Location: The majestic structure of Makhdoom Sahib Shrine is located on the southern side of Hari Parbat, a mountain peak in Srinagar.

Description: A double-storey structure,Makhdoom Sahib Shrine is amazingly placed below the Hari Parbat Fort. Dedicated to a Sufi saint, Makhdoom Sahib, also known by the name Hazrat Sultan-UI-Arifeen, the shrine is a worth-watching structure. The mosque is regarded as one of the most sacred places in India. Consisting of numerous pillars, the mosque is a rare example of ancient Mughal architecture and is unlike any other historical structure in the world. It still holds the wealth of archaeological values and the culture of bygone Mughal era. One must visit this tranquil place where people of all religions pray happily together. It is believed that Hazrat Sultan had divine powers and that is why people from all over the world pay homage in this shrine. You may visit this sacred place on any day as it remains open for devotees throughout the year.

Activities: If you would like to visit some close by attractions after paying homage at the Makhdoom Sahib Shrine, then Hari Parbat Fort and Kathi Darwaza are two main attractions that you should not miss.

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