Jyeshtheshvara Temple, Kashmir

Jyeshtheshvara Temple

Location: Situated in the imperial city Srinagar, Jyeshtheshvara Temple is another enigmatic shrine highly revered among devotees who come here from all over India.

Description: Amongst several ancient shrines, Jyeshtheshvara Temple is an inspiring place that no visitor would like to miss during a holiday tour to this heaven on earth, Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the fact that many legends are associated with the shrine, it is a major attraction for tourists. However no one knows who actually built this temple. One legend links Pandavas with the shrine’s construction during 5th century, while some acclaim that King Gopaditya built it during 6th century, whereas some natives give the credit to Jaluka, son of Ashoka, who is considered to have erected the temple. The story of its origin remains ambiguous, but one thing is quite clear that an early King Lalitaditya renovated the existing shrine in the 8th century. Later, more innovations were done to beautify the temple. So, while you are here do not miss the opportunity to learn about the local culture and heritage by means of this prehistoric shrine.

Activities: Shankracharya Temple and Kheer Bhawani Temple are some other attractions you may visit during your tour to Jyeshtheshvara Temple.

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