Harwan Garden, Kashmir

Harwan Garden

Location: By covering a distance of just 19 km from the Srinagar City, you can reach Harwan garden, one of the best manicured gardens in Jammu and Kashmir.

Description: Harwan Garden is a unique garden, which has a huge inland waterway hemmed in Chinar trees and rare exotic plants.  The water of this canal is fed by Dal Lake located behind the garden. Take a look at the beautiful sprawling garden, and stroll around in its quiet atmosphere. It is a perfect destination to take a break from the hubbub of metropolitan cities. Explore the intricate grass beds, trimmed trees in this greenest of green garden. Discover the garden enveloped by a green carpet of woodlands, which is at the top of its natural majesty. Though you will not see any blossoms of flowers, but the vast area of garden designed with immense care and cautions, presents a wonderful scene to the spectators. On top of this, you can enjoy fascinating views of mountain cliffs in every direction of this garden. Natural attractiveness and calmness are two major ornaments of this garden.

Activities: Harwan garden is an entrance to the Dachi Gam sanctuary, so this is an ideal destination to enjoy two excursions in one trip.

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