Rainawari, Kashmir


Location: Sanctified by the sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind Ji, Rainawari is regarded as a sacred land in Kashmir and located around 14 km away from Srinagar.

Description: There is a great legend linked with this place. According to the legend, once there was a blind lady who used to stay in Rainawari and she was an ardent devotee of Guru Hargobind Sahib. As she was blind, she was not capable to meet Guru Ji. To show her devotion, she prepared a Khaddar Chola and waited for Baba Ji to come. The almighty came to meet her and she requested for his Darshan. Guru Sahib hit his Barchha on the ground and a spring came out. He told the blind lady to wash her eyes with the holy water. The moment she washed her eyes, she could see Baba Ji. This is how the lady Bhag Bhari received salvation and Guru Ji himself cremated her body on the left side of a land, where the renowned Gurudwara Shri Chatti Patshahi Sahib is located. Rainawari is fully packed with picturesque surroundings and natural beauty.

Activities: Kathi Darwaza, a major gateway to Hari Parbat Fort, is another famous landmark you must visit in Srinagar.

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