Burzahom, Kashmir


Location: Dating back to 3000-1500 BC, Burzahom is one of the famous archaeological sites and it is located 24 km away from Srinagar.  

Description: Discovered by Archaeological Survey of India, Burzahom is a living evidence of ancient lifestyle of Neolithic people on the land of Srinagar. The archeological site of Burzahom is of immense importance to learn about the development of Kashmiri civilization from early stage to its maturity. The site is surrounded by birch trees and Burzahom also refers to the “Place of Birch”. This interesting place is located on the bed of Karewars, the drained lakes of Kashmir. Another mystical fact about the site is the presence of ancient homes. These are actually pits inside the ground, which used to serve as housing for people. You will find this area full of pits. They actually dug these pits to escape from freezing temperatures of Kashmir valley. They used to plaster mud onto the walls of pits which were either round or oval in shape. You must see the tools, made from stone, animal bones and antlers, used by early people. One should visit this site and explore it for an enriching experience.

Activities: Along with this, the site hosts the best collections of arrowheads, animal skeletons, tools and different colored pots from the Neolithic period.

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