Jamia Masjid, Kashmir

Jamia Masjid

Location: Amidst the beautiful city of Srinagar stands the majestic Jamia Masjid, one of the most venerated sites in India. It is situated in Nowhatta, an old city.

Description: Jamia Masjid is a sacred place of great significance for the followers of Islam. Built by Sultan Sikandar, the mosque is a historical structure dating back to 1400 AD. The mosque became more striking when his son Zain-ul-Abidin expanded the mosque. Beautifully designed in Indo-Saracenic architecture, the mosque houses an impressive courtyard and about 370 pillars carved from wood. In the calm and tranquil atmosphere of this holy shrine, your mind, body and soul will be revitalized with a new energy. If you visit this mosque on Friday, you may see thousands of people gathered for the prayers. Jamia Masjid is truly blessed with a divine power and that is why the charismatic mosque still maintains its old charm even after getting damaged by fire almost three times. As every other mosque, Jamia Masjid hosts prayers five times in a day. One must visit this holy mosque which is a dazzling specimen of architectural elegance unlike any other momentous edifice in the world.

Activities: Rozabal shrine is in proximity of Jamia Masjid, so do not forget to visit this remarkable structure of Kashmir.

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