Avantipur Ruins, Kashmir

Avantipur Ruins

Location: Located on the National Highway 1A in the middle of Anantnag and Srinagar, Avantipur is a place blessed with natural beauty and ancient wonders. It is just about 25 km away from Srinagar.

Description: One of the famous historic sites in the world, Avantipur is well-known for its wealth of ancient shrines. There are two renowned ancient temples for tourists to explore.  Despite of the fact that the temples are now medieval ruins, Avantipur located amidst beautiful landscapes, never fails to attract tourists from all over the globe. Archeological buffs and history lovers must not miss a trip to the sacred land of Avantipur. Among its major attractions are two prehistoric temples, Shiva temple and Avantiswami Temple.  Being an ancient capital known as Avantipora, the site houses many Hindu temples dating back to 855-833 AD, built in the regime of King Awanti Varman. The Kashmiri rulers who constructed these shrines created these magnificent pieces of architecture. After renovation, Shiva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is back in splendor, whereas Avantiswami Temple, an abode of Lord Vishnu, in spite of being damaged stands as a marvelous structure.

Activities: One must visit this archaeological site and look at the walls ornamented with religious inscriptions dating back to the bygone era.

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