Wular Lake, Kashmir

Wular Lake

Location: One of the most admired lakes of Kashmir, Wular Lake is a major allure for tourists all around the globe.

Description: Formed by tectonic activity, Wular Lake is one of the largest fresh water bodies in Asia. Located amidst the towns of Bandipore and Sopore, Wular Lake serves as a natural basin fed by the River Jhelum. If you are visiting this lake in afternoon, then you should notice the high leaping waves enhancing its exquisiteness. The mesmerizing ripples and the crystalline water is what really attract tourists to visit Wular Lake. This is the right destination where you can admire the unusual and untouched magnificence of Kashmir. The serene lake is home to rare avifauna, which you may observe on the lake’s shores. Birdwatchers come here to watch several terrestrial birds, like Black-eared Kite, Eurasian Sparrow hawk, Himalayan Golden eagle and much more. At the same time, you may be in awe by seeing the remains of breathtaking island built by King Zain-ul-Abidin in the heart of this lake.  Streams of Pohru, Harbuji, Erin and Arah flowing into the enormous Wular Lake further add to its grandeur.

Activities: Boating, water sports and waterskiing are available here. So tourists can indulge in nonstop amusing and adventurous activities on the undulating streams of Wular Lake.

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