Pembarti Village, Andhra Pradesh

Pembarti Village

Location: Pembarti Village, located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Warangal, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh.

Description: Pembarti Village is well renowned for sheet metal art. It is believed that sheet metal art was widely used by Kakatiyas for the decoration of temples and chariots, but the art experienced a slow death with the fall of Kakatiya Empire. Popularly known as the hub of brass work, the village incorporates innumerable brass made articles and daily use products. Besides making various carvings, castings and statues of brass and bronze, residents have adopted a profession of manufacturing brassware, exporting these wares to other countries. The village is home to many fascinating and talented artisans who have expert skills in making Pembarti arts. Innumerable tourists visit the village to explore the making of bronze ware and to visit efficient craftsmen. Pembarti Village is a must visit attraction, when planning a trip to Warangal. It offers a retreat to ancient art lovers and history buffs.

Activities: Tourists can shop around for antique and beautiful artifacts of Pembarti, which can used to decorate their homes and workplaces. Experiencing the serene ambience, visitors can take a walk through the narrow lanes of the village, enjoying local food. Also, participating in traditional art activities can help the tourists to come close to the place.

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