Saffron Fields, Kashmir

Saffron Fields

Location: Saffron fields have made Kashmir one of the famous tourist destinations worldwide.  Pampur is a small village, about 13 km away from Srinagar, where you can see vegetation of saffron.

Description: Kashmir is one among the very few renowned places in the world where you can see saffron blossoms. Although, the saffron floras are very small, but you can easily recognize it by its unique fragrance mixed in the breeze of these vast fields. Also known as Crocus Sativus, you can see saffron blossoms in autumn season in Kashmir valley.  Once you reach Pampur, you are welcomed by vast fields of violet shade flowers. Saffron is well-known from the early Mughal era in Kashmir, when Mughal emperors used to organize gatherings in saffron fields. According to natives, the Mughals used to celebrate Diwali with great grandiosity in saffron fields. As per the local tradition, villagers keep the flowers in the shade of moonlight. This is done because the moonlight enhances the beauty and glamour of saffron fields which you can only experience by witnessing it with your own eyes.

Activities: Saffron festival is celebrated in Pampur every year in the month of October, when saffron is harvested in the fields. So you have a chance to explore its beauty till November.

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