Nagin Lake, Kashmir

Nagin Lake

Location: Kashmir valley is full of miracles of nature. Nagin Lake is one such attraction that really reflects the dazzling charm with the blend of natural beauty.

Description: Nagin Lake, also renowned as Jewel in the Ring, is a manifestation of impeccable natural beauty. This is an ideal destination for those, who find utmost pleasure on visiting natural attractions. The lake provides its spectators some breathtaking visuals, where they will feel tranquility and harmony deep within their heart. Contrary to what the name might suggest, Nagin Lake does not have any snakes but it got its name from the trees surrounding the water body. Though this lake is considered as an independent lake, it is actually the fourth basin of Dal Lake. The best way to reach this lake is the causeway linked with Dal Lake, where you can either walk on foot or by a bike, side by side enjoying the beauty of two natural water bodies. If you are visiting Kashmir, then May to September is considered the best time to enjoy all activities, like sightseeing and the favorite of all tourists, staying in a houseboat.

Activities: Another reason you must visit the lake is to indulge in the most liked recreational activities like swimming, water skiing and even sailing on fiberglass boats.

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