Sanasar, Kashmir


Location: Two villages, Sana and Sar, collectively known as Sanasar, are situated 119 km away from Jammu, at a height of 2050 meters over the sea level.

Description: The state of Jammu and Kashmir serves as a house for a number of tourist destinations, which make ideal summer resorts for people coming from other parts of the subcontinent. Sana and Sar are two villages that are named after two lakes of this region. Besides attracting tourists with its calm and peaceful environment, Sanasar acts as a host for many adventure sports. Paragliding, skiing and trekking are some of the activities that are quite famous in this part of the region and enjoyed by a large number of local people and tourists, who come here to get relief from the scorching heat of the summer season.

Activities: You can enjoy paragliding, skiing and trekking in Sanasar, due to the easy availability of equipments, as well as trainers, who can provide training to the beginners. Camping and horse riding are other activities which are very popular among tourists. Besides indulging in these entertaining activities, you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of this hilly terrain, which is surrounded by lush greenery and wonderful sights.

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