Rani Charak Mahal, Kashmir

Rani Charak Mahal

Location: Rani Charak Mahal is a well known attraction in the Jammu region. It is positioned on the banks of river Tawi and forms a part of the Mubarak Mandi complex that now serves as a house for various government offices.

Description: Rani Charak Mahal was constructed in red sandstone and is considered to be built 150 years ago. It represents of the grandeur of bygone eras, along with depicting the wonderful art that existed at that time and lifestyle of the royal family. The monument is connected to Toshakhana that is the treasury house of the Mubarak Mandi palace. The architectural design that was used during that era is well represented in its columns and arches. In the palace one can see many valuable items like utensils, palanquins, golden throne, antique idols, etc. All these things show that the people at that time were having a great interest in arts and they were great admirers of artistic work.

Activities: This beautiful mahal presents a great view of the Jammu horizons. Besides this one can view wonderful paintings and read books in the library which is present in this royal building. On the whole one can spend good time in this beautiful palace and relax in the comfortable environment.

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