Panch Peer, Kashmir

Panch Peer

Location: It is a dargah that is positioned near the Maharaja Palace on the National Highway 1A in Jammu region.

Description:Jammu is known as the city of temples. This city has a vast history and people of different communities live here peacefully. Panch Peer is a famous Dargah and has a special place in the hearts of the local people. A popular folklore is that five saints used to meditate on this site. Those peers were religious people who throughout their life worshipped the almighty and they used to spread the message of peace and humanity among the common masses. The graves of these saints are present at this place. Local people still remember them and their teachings till date which lead people on the path of harmony and integrity of different communities and sects. The atmosphere of this place is calm and peaceful; tourists should visit this place so as to relax in its pious environment.

Activities: People visit this place in huge numbers to pay respect to the saints and take blessings from them to lead a peaceful and tranquil life. In addition to this they can also enjoy the scenic environment and beautiful sights of this place which are very mesmerizing. 

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