Ziarat Peer Mitha, Kashmir

Ziarat Peer Mitha

Location: Ziarat Peer Mitha is positioned in the middle of Jammu city and it is considered to be one of the most prominent Muslim shrines

Description: Commonly known as Peer Mitha, this is a beautiful place and worth a watch. Peer Mitha is devoted to a Muslim saint named Ziarat. A popular folklore says that Peer Mitha was the name given to this mosque after Ziarat received oblations in the form of sugar. This site is well liked by the tourists because of the mosque and tomb that have a twin structure which serves as a beautiful representation of Mughal architectural style. This shrine has great aesthetic appeal and is located in the middle of natural attractions. A number of devotees come to this dargah and offer prayers in the mosque, taking blessings from the peer. Local people believe that offering a pinch of sugar appeases the peer.

Activities: Being a religious place, a number of devotees visit this place to offer prayers. In addition to this you can witness the beauty of this place, which is enhanced by the picturesque magnificence of its surroundings. This is a peaceful place, where one can spend some time so as to attain peace of mind and tranquility.

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