Mahamaya Temple, Kashmir

Mahamaya Temple

Location: Mahamaya temple, dedicated to a female freedom fighter belonging to the Dogra community, is positioned on the banks of River Tawi, from where you can easily sight the famous Bahu Fort.

Description: A local legend says that Mahamaya, about fourteen centuries ago, fought bravely against the foreign invaders and laid down her life in the battle. People of Jammu region honor her sacrifice and praise her to this day. Due to this reason, an entire temple is dedicated in her name, which signifies the great history of the Jammu region. Devotees in large number visit this temple. This place does not serve only as a temple but is a great attraction as well. This temple comprises of Idols of Mahamaya that belong to 2nd and 3rd century. These idols are worth a watch and present a great work of art of those times. It is easily accessible from Jammu railway station and tourists can hire a local bus or auto rickshaw to visit this place.

Activities: Tourists and devotees visit this temple due to many reasons. While many people are attracted by its historical significance, lovers of art and nature visit this place to witness the artistic brilliance of its idols and picturesque beauty that surrounds this area.

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