Gandhadarji Temple, Kashmir

Gandhadarji Temple

Location: Gandhadarji temple is one of the pilgrimage sites in Jammu and it is located near the Mubarak Mandi palace.

Description: Constructed during the reign of Maharaja Gulab Singh, this temple is well known among local people and tourists because of its special architectural artistry. Two idols of Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered as the goddess of wealth and prosperity, can be seen in this temple. In addition to this, twin incarnation of Narayana, the Hindu god, who is considered to be responsible for preservation of mankind, can also be seen here. These two things serve as the main source of attraction of this temple. This famous temple can be visited at any time of the day and the best season to plan a visit to this region is considered to be between the months of October to March. This place is easily accessible by bus, train or flight, because Jammu is well connected to neighboring cities and other major destinations in India through various transport options.

Activities: Innumerable devotees visit this temple to worship their deity and take his blessings. They also get to see the work of fine art that has been reflecting in the construction and design of this temple.

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