Dargah Garib Shah, Kashmir

Dargah Garib Shah

Location: Dargah Garib Shah is positioned at Samba and this shrine is at a distance of 9 kilometers from Jammu airport.

Description: Dargah Garib Shah is devoted to a Muslim saint, who used to preach unity and brotherhood among the common masses. The saint was believed to be having divine powers so people visit this dargah to get their wishes fulfilled. The popularity of this saint is not limited to just Muslims as people of all faiths and religions are devotees of the saint. This shrine of Garib Shah is now taken care of by local Hindus and thus this Dargah is one fine example of the religious harmony present among the people of Jammu region. Garib Shah is considered as one of those religious leaders who is loved and liked by people across different religions because of love, respect and humanity that existed in his heart for people of every faith and religion.

Activities: Devotees and followers of different religions visit this Dargah in huge numbers. In addition you can also enjoy the scenic views of this place. The atmosphere around this Dargah is very pleasant and you can spend your time relaxing in peaceful environment, enjoying cool breeze.

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