Sesha Teertham, Andhra Pradesh

Sesha Teertham

Location: Sanctified by Lord Vishnu, Sesha Teertham is of great importance among religiously inclined people.

Description: Every Teertham in Tirupati has a unique legend associated with it, as Sesha Teertham does. According to a legend, once Lord Vishnu came here and felt very thirsty. He asked Garuda to fetch some water for him. Garuda took a long time to come. So he could not resist his thirst and told Adishesha to strike a torrent with his tail. When Adishesha did so, water came out from this place. That is why this holy place is renowned as Sesha Teertham. The holy Teertham is located amidst the temple and used for veneration purposes by devotees. Religiously inclined people visit this place with great devotion and tender salt, jiggery and pepper into the well.  It is commonly believed that venerating at this holy place relieves devotees from severe ailments. Located amidst greenery, these holy ponds of Tirupati are blessed with immense natural beauty. The tranquility and calmness that people get here cannot be felt anywhere around the world. Thus one must visit this place of immense spiritual magnificence.

Activities: According to Hindu traditions, people having Sarpa Dosha in their horoscope should pray to Sheshnag at this well to get relief.

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