Aap Shambhu Temple Sathrian, Kashmir

Aap Shambhu Temple Sathrian

Location: Aap Shambhu Temple Sathrian is a famous Hindu temple located in Sathrian at Roop Nagar in the city of temples Jammu.

Description: This is a great pilgrimage site that has idols of various deities; however, the naturally formed Shiv lingam is the most attractive feature of this temple. The temple is dedicated to God Shiva who is considered to be the supreme of all the deities in Hindu Mythology. Shiva is also believed to be a destructor but he is the ultimate God who provides us peace and tranquility. A well known folklore describes that the site used to be a forest land where cows and buffaloes used to graze and shed their milk on the lingam.  The entire temple structure is based on this lingam. Pouring water on this Shiv lingam, especially on Mondays, is considered to be of great importance. That is why on Mondays a huge rush of devotees is seen in this temple. The temple is surrounded by abundant greenery and a calm atmosphere exists in the temple premises.

Activities: A mela is organized annually on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, which is considered as a big occasion in Hindu religion. People from near and far throng this place and offer prayers to the almighty to take his blessings.

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