Trekking, Doda, Kashmir

Trekking, Doda

Location: Doda is a district that comes under the Jammu region. It is considered as an ideal destination for trekking adventure.

Description: Doda is a mountainous region in Jammu, so a number of trekking routes are available here. Along with enjoying the thrill of trekking, these routes allow a person to witness the picturesque beauty of this area. Trekking in this part of the region is considered to rejuvenate a trekker. Summer season is considered the best time to indulge in this adventure as a number of trekking routes remain open during that time, whereas most of the routes are closed during winter season due to unfavorable weather. Some of the popular treks of this place are Gali-Jasarkote-Sanasar, Sundrani-Jungle. Equipments required for trekking are available at shops of tourism department at Kud and Jammu. Local and imported gear is generally available in their stock of items. Fixed rates are charged for the equipments. There are some travel agencies as well which organize trekking tours.  

Activities: Doda is an ideal place to enjoy the adventurous activity of trekking. There are a number of trekking routes which can be explored during summer and trekkers also enjoy a trek in this part of the region because of the charming beauty of this place.

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