Sanaka Sanandana Teertham, Andhra Pradesh

Sanaka Sanandana Teertham

Location: On a visit to Tirupati, one must visit Sanaka Sanandana Teertham, a holy water body located in Tirumala.

Description: Alike other Teerthams, Sanaka Sanandana Teertham is linked to a famous legend of two sages. According to the legend, once there were two sages named Sanaka and Sanandana. They went to heaven to get a sight of Lord Vishnu. But two guards Jaya and Vijaya did not permit them and stopped them at the entrance. Being ashamed, the sages cursed the guards. Due to the curse, the two guards took birth as demons on earth. The sages returned to earth after three rebirths and thus freed the demons from the curse. The two sages had Yogic powers and thus the water of this Teertham is believed to have the same divinity. One should take a bath in the blessed water as it is considered good. Holy bath in the sacred pond will purify all the sins and bestow good fortune.

Activities: On the day of Margazhi, if anyone takes a bath in the holy water of Teertham then he is highly rewarded and relived from all his sins. Thousands of devotees from all over India visit Teertham on this day and enjoy a holy bath.

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