Mubarak Mandi Palace, Kashmir

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Location: Mubarak Mandi is a 150 years old palace complex located in the center of Jammu and offers an impressive view of the Tawi River

Description: Mubarak Mandi Palace used to serve as the residential place of the Dogra kings and the great architectural design of this palace is an impressive mix of European, Rajasthani, Mughal and Baroque styles, which allures innumerable tourists to visit this place. Sheesh Mahal is the most attractive part of this palace. Many official functions as well as ceremonies have been organized in this palace building and the reason for this is that this palace building has ample number of halls and galleries which are ideal to hold such type of gatherings. The complex is surrounded by a beautiful garden and a fabulous courtyard that has served as a venue for a number of proceedings that involved royal audience as well as the common people. Now Mubarak Mandi Palace has been named as a monument that has immense significance historically, as well as archaeologically.

Activities: Mubarak Mandi, once a palace that presented the Dogra glory and their royal lifestyle, now houses government offices. If you want to know more about the history of this place, as well as witness architectural brilliance, then you must plan a visit to this palace.

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