Bahu Fort, Kashmir

Bahu Fort

Location: Located around 5 km away from Jammu city, on a plateau overlooking the mesmerizing Tawi River, Bahu fort is said to be one of the oldest and most astonishing monuments in Jammu.

Description: Raja Bahulochan had constructed this fort around 300 years back and it underwent renovation during the Dogra regime. An exalted garden known as Bagh-e-Bahu, with wide spread lawns filled with various plants and flowers, surrounds Bahu Fort and serves as a great picnic spot for the local people and tourists. The garden comprises of a number of attractions that range from wonderful waterfalls and fragrant flowers to lush trees and shrubs. Local people find this an excellent place to spend their weekends, as this is considered ideal to seek relaxation and peace in tranquil environment. This fort has a temple inside it that is devoted to goddess Kali. Commonly known as Bawey Wali Mata, she is considered as the main Goddess of Jammu.

Activities: A great view of the sunset and flowing water of the Tawi River are two sights that can be witnessed from this fort. Devotees can also have darshan of the Kali Mata. Sundays and Tuesdays witness a huge rush of people, who come here in order to worship and take blessings from the deity.

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