Amar Mahal Museum, Kashmir

Amar Mahal Museum

Location: Amar Mahal Museum is an integral part of Amar Mahal, which is located on the edge of Tawi River in Jammu. Shivalik Hills present on the northern side of the Mahal make the entire view very mesmerizing.

Description: Amar Mahal was built by a Dogra king, Raja Amar Singh in 1890s. A French architect had prepared the plan for this Mahal and it appears like a French Chateau. It is a wonderful architectural monument, which used to be the residential place for the royal family. Red sandstone was used for its construction. At a later stage this palace was converted into a museum and it now comprises of sculptures, inscriptions, books and a collection of paintings. This museum has a very attractive durbar hall and it is decorated with family paintings of rulers of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to spectacular Pahari paintings. Throne of Maharaja Hari Singh that consists of 120 kilogram solid gold is eye catching. This museum is considered to portray royal grandeur and glory, thus attracting historians and the lovers of art.

 Activities: Besides admiring the majestic structure of Amar Mahal Museum, tourists can also visit a library that comprises of over twenty thousand books, collected over last fifty years or so. Some excellent volumes from the personal library of Raja Amar Singh are also available in this library.

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