Ramakrishna Theertham, Andhra Pradesh

Ramakrishna Theertham

Location: Roughly 9 km north to Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Ramakrishna Theertham is another religious place in Tirupati.

Description: Ramakrishna Theertham is associated with a spiritual legend of Lord Srinivasa.  People believe that a person named Krishna dug this pool. After some time, a sage came to this place and started to meditate. As he meditated here for a long time, an anthill gradually grew around him. In order to test his devotion, the God of Rain, Indra sent down rainstorm with bright lightening and heavy thunders on earth. But all his efforts failed to disrupt the sage’s concentration. In the meantime, Lord Srinivasa broke that anthill and appeared in front of his ardent devotee. Lord was overwhelmed with his devotion and thus gave boon that whoever will take a bath in this pond on a full moon day, his sins and sorrows would get cleansed. The sage meditating here was Ramakrishna and thereby this holy place got its name as Ramakrishna Theertham. One should come here to feel the serenity, which is all around this place and is sure to end all your difficulties.

Activities: Sesha Teertham is another sacred place that religiously inclined people should surely visit during their pilgrimage to Tirupati.

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