Jawali Ji Temple, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Jawali Ji Temple, Kangra

Jawali Ji Temple is also called Jwalamukhi temple and this temple is devoted to Jwalamukhi Devi, known as the goddess of flaming mouth. Major attraction of this temple is that no idol is placed in the temple premises and worshipping the deity is done in the form of flames that emerge from the crevices of the rock. This temple is of great religious importance as it is one of the Shaktipeeth; there are a total of 52 Shaktipeeth in the Indian sub continent and this temple is a well known Durga Mata temple. There is a long mythological story behind these Shaktipeeth and they are of great importance in Hindu religion as well as philosophy. Pilgrims from all over India throng this temple to offer prayers and take blessings of the goddess. The beauty of this temple is alluring as it is natural and a rare sight to be enjoyed.

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