Pasupu Teertham, Andhra Pradesh

Pasupu Teertham

Location: Likewise other Teerthams in Tirupati, Pasupu Teertham is also one of the most holy Teerthams located in the vicinity of Sri Venkateshwara Temple and you may easily access it on foot.

Description: Blessed by supreme Lord Vishnu, Pasupu Teertham is a holy water body. Though almost every place of this region is sanctified by Lord, but each sacred place in Tirupati has its own charisma that attracts devotees from near and far, all through the year. Similar to other Teerthams, Pasupu Teertham is also associated with remarkable legends. That is why devotees crave to take a holy bath here and believe that all their sorrows will come to an end. Visiting this sacred place is an ingenious way to get closer to nature. You, along with your family, may spend an unforgettable trip in this magnificent vale. Take a holy bath and enjoy some breathtaking views from this sacred spot. Beauty is in every corner of Tirupati, you just need some time to fully explore it.

Activities: Even though any season is good to visit Tirupati, but monsoon has its own charm. During rainy season, the pond and its surroundings are enriched with natural beauty and tranquil environs will make your trip more pleasant.

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