Bajreshwari Temple, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Bajreshwari Temple, Kangra

Bajreshwari Temple is situated in the centre of Kangra town. This temple was once famous for the wealth that it possessed. However, the temple was invaded by many rulers from northern India and it was totally destroyed by an earthquake that this region witnessed in the year 1905. Reconstruction of this temple was done in 1920 and now this temple remains occupied by the pilgrims coming from all over India. This temple is devoted to Devi Vajreshwari, considered as the Goddess of Lightening.  The building construction has been done in accordance with the Shikhara architectural style. Bajreshwari temple serves as an example of stone carvings of supreme quality. At the entrance of this temple are two pillars and one out of them has some inscriptions that provide information regarding the period of construction of this temple. Two janitors, who can be seen on the doorway of the temple, are holding staff in their hands.

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