Chakra Theertham, Andhra Pradesh

Chakra Theertham

Location: Located in proximity ofSila Thoranam, Chakra Theertham is one the most scared and unique waterfalls in Tirupati.

Description: Chaka Teertham is regarded as a scared place among devotees and they worship Swayambhu Lingam installed in a temple here. A fabulous legend makes Chakra Teertham and its temple more significant amid devotees. The legend says that Brahma chose this spot for observing repentance. To sanctify this place Lord Vishnu plunged his Sudarshan Chakra and the place where it fell became a deep cavity. This holy place is now well-known among people as Chakra Teertham. Devotees believe that doing penance at this sacred spot will give them a place in the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Due to this reason, a large number of religiously inclined people pay homage at this place and enjoy a dip in holy water to wash away all their sins and sorrows. One must visit this place and relax in its tranquil environs. There are many Hindu temples located near water bodies but every scared place has its own relevance, like the Chakra Teertham has for its devotees.  

Activities: Chakra Teertham is surrounded by rocks and dense forests, so after worshipping, spend some time amidst the unusual beauty of this place.

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