Raghunath Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Raghunath Temple

Location: Raghunath temple is located on a hillock in the famous hill station Kullu that lies in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This temple can be easily reached by the devotees and tourists alike.

Description: Regarded as one of the oldest temples in the state, Raghunath Temple was constructed under the supervision of Maharaja Jagat Singh, the then ruler of Kullu, in 1650 AD. It was believed that to seek forgiveness for his sins, the raja got this temple built, which is dedicated to Lord Raghunath. This temple was built according to the Pahari and Pyramidal architectural style and offers a marvelous view of the valley. The Hindu deity of this sacred shrine is considered as the protector of the valley. The festive celebrations of Dussehra that are carried out with huge pomp and show in this temple attract the attention of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Different deities, along with Lord Ram, are showcased in these ten days festive celebrations.

Activities: While on a trip to Kullu, apart from praying at this famous temple, tourists can also indulge in sightseeing of various attractions that lie at a close distance. This temple, after being lit up, looks magnificent during the night time.

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