Jagannathi Devi Temple (Bekhli Temple), Himachal Pradesh

Jagannathi Devi Temple (Bekhli Temple)

Location: Alternatively named as Bekhli Temple, this place is located at a small distance of 3 km from Kullu. Present at an altitude of 1800 meter, this sacred shrine attracts the attention of local residents and tourists alike.

Description: Dedicated to Bhuweneshwari, sister of Lord Vishnu, this temple is believed to be the holy abode of Jagannathi Devi. This shrine is regarded to be constructed 1500 years ago and its walls are decorated with beautiful carvings of different avatars of goddess Durga. According to legends, it is believed that once two girls were dancing on the tune of a shepherd boy’s flute. The boy caught hold of one of the girls and this was when goddess Bhuweneshwari revealed her true identity. The goddess agreed to stay in the village and thus the temple was constructed for her. Local style of architecture is reflected in the structure of this shrine, while the idols are designed according to Rajasthani style.

Activities: Religiously inclined tourists can offer their prayers and seek the goddess’s blessings in this ancient temple. Besides this, travelers can also enjoy visiting the nearby market that offers various things which can be purchased at affordable prices. A visit to the lower Dhalpur Bazaar and Sarvari Bazaar is a must for shopaholics.

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