Katarmal Sun Temple, Uttarakhand

Katarmal Sun Temple

The unique architectural design andintricately carved interiors and walls make Katarmal Sun Temple the second prominent shrine in India, after the Konark sun temple. It is situated at an elevation of about 2116mtrs above the sea level in the Kumaon region of Uttaranchal.

From Almora it is at a distance of about 7km. The temple holds historical significance and it is believed that the first rays of sun fall on Katarmal Sun Temple. It enshrines an idol of the ancient sun god, who is commonly known as Vraddhaditya or Burhadita, among locals.

The Katyuri Raja, Katarmalla laid the foundation of this temple in the early medieval period. However, the beautifully carved metallic sculptures, its magnificent architecture and an image of surya carved in stone are the major attractions of this shrine. You can also see Lakshmi - Narayana and Shiva-Parvati idols in its premises, which add to its beauty. Though, with time the temple has been wrecked but it still holds a special place amongst tourists and welcomes devotees all through the year.

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