Chitai Temple, Uttarakhand

Chitai Temple

Chitai temple is the most prominent shrine in Almora. The temple holds an idol of the divine Lord Golu. Tourists and local folks from far across come here to worship the divine being. It is believed that Lord Shiva is referred here as Golu Devata, who is thought to be a personification of Gaur Bhairav, another form of Shiva.

There are many legends associated with this shrine, one of which states that Lord Golu was a General in the Chand king’s army. He died displaying bravery during war and so in his honor the Chitai temple was constructed 10kms away from Almora and around 4km from the wildlife sanctuary of Binsar.

The temple is remarkably built and is located on a hill top. With beautiful structural design and numerous hanging bells, it lures huge scores of tourists. These bells play an important role and are hung by visitors and devotees as a sign of gratitude towards lord Golu, when their wishes are fulfilled.

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