Location: Situated on the way to Ramnagar around 8 km away from Ranikhet, Tarikhet is one of the amazing places in India.

Description: Tarikhet features a vast array of attractions and visitors from all over the country come here to experience these unique and exciting attractions. You will love to observe the greenery of pine trees, along with listening to the chirping of birds in Tarikhet. If you like picturesque nature scenes, then you are going to love the undisturbed beauty of Tarikhet. A small hut, Gandhi Kutiya is a national attraction, as this is the place where prominent leader of Indian Nationalism, Mahatma Gandhi, stayed once during the freedom movement, when India was under British rule. Tarikhet is a significant place associated with all the activities related to Independence struggle in India. It is place every Indian should visit to pay homage to the great soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle. Tourists should come here to experience the blend of beauty and adventure.

Activities: Golu Devta Temple is a leading attraction of Tarikhet, flocked by devotees from all over India. You can enjoy the picturesque beauty of Tarikhet, as well as capture the breathtaking views in your cameras forever.

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