Mamandur, Andhra Pradesh


Location: Located on Kanchipuram-Varanasi Road, Mamandur is a lovely village known for its untouched serene beauty. When travelling from Tirupati, the village is just 27 km away.

Description: Famous all round the world for its inspiring rock caves, Mamandur is holds immense importance. These caves dating back to 7th century are renowned for its temple. The extraordinary shrine is carved from a rock hill in Mamandur. Narsimha is the venerated deity of this sacred place. An interesting fact that attracts tourists to this rock cave temple is the inscriptions accredited to an early Pallava King, Mahendravarman. Due to these instructions belonging to bygone era, the rock structure is called as Saiva Rudravalisvaram Cave. These caves stand on the banks of Palar River. Moving further, you have a chance to discover the major attraction of Mamandur, the Brahmdevuni Gundam Waterfalls. Known for its wealth of flora and fauna, the water body is tremendously stunning. Other than this, Mamandur itself is a gem of natural splendor. Thriving with breathtaking mounds and valley of Eastern Ghats, Mamandur truly deserves a visit. Nature lovers will be overwhelmed on visiting this unusual wonder.

 Activities: You can visit a famous tank, named Chitramegha Tataka, located on the backside of rock cave temple.

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