Sri Vari Museum, Andhra Pradesh

Sri Vari Museum

Location: Sri Vari Museum is a well-known attraction in the town of Tirumala, in Tirupati. You need to travel just 14 km from Tirupati to reach this remarkable museum.

Description: If you are a history lover then Sri Vari Museum is an ideal place for you to visit. The museum showcases important landmarks of Tirupati during olden period. You will find an assortment of interesting things here. Display of fine sculptures, stunning pictures and various other artifacts will give you a brief intro about the history of shrines in Tirupati. Along with visiting all the shrines in Tirupati, you must visit this museum. This will help you get more information about the origin and significance of these shrines. You may also see some scriptures and photographs in the museum, which make it a highly enriching experience. Sri Vari Museum remains open all through the year.  Tourists must visit this temple during a holiday tour to Tirupati. Another noteworthy thing is that there are no charges involved to visit this museum.

Activities: Along with visiting the Sri Vari Museum, you should also visit Sri Venkateshwara Temple, which is a major attraction of Tirupati, and explore the various Teertham which are located around it.

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