Naina Devi Temple, Uttarakhand

Naina Devi Temple

Location: The famous Naina peak of Nainital, elevated at a height of 2,619 m, is abode of Goddess Naina Devi. It is located on the northern shore of Nainital Lake.

Description: Naina Devi Temple is one of the popular religious sites, especially among Hindu devotees. An idol of Goddess Naina Devi along with other gods and goddesses has been installed in the beautiful temple. Devotees from all over India visit this scared place to get a sight of Goddess Naina Devi, the main Hindu deity of this temple. According to Hindu epic Manas Khand, Goddess Sati, also known as Dakshayani, realized that his father Daksha is incapable of appreciating the qualities of her husband Lord Shiva. As he began to realize that she was the cause of dishonor of Shiva, she was consumed by rage against her father. Shiva carried the corpse of his consort Sati and Sati’s body came apart and the pieces of her body fell at different places on earth. Naina Devi temple is said to be the spot where Sati’s eyes fell. It is considered as one of the sixty four Shaktipeeths in India. Thousands of devotees visit this temple throughout the year to worship Goddess Naina Devi.

Activities: Tourists can become a part of statue immersion, which is an auspicious occasion celebrated every year by the Hindu devotees in Nainital.

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