Boat House Club, Uttarakhand

Boat House Club

Location: Situated in Nainital, on the northern bank of the lake, Boat House Club is an exceptional place for spending an unforgettable time.

Description: Boat House Club has both boating facility and a Field Club to offer recreational activities unlike any other place in Nainital. This is an idyllic place where family as well as friends can spend a memorable time. Also notable is the special food and first class service offered to the visitors here. It is a perfect place which provides all type of facilities from dining to sports. The dining room inside the club has comfortable seating for guests and is ideal for gatherings. Exceptional services include freshly prepared food with different types of cuisines. The open yard outside the club is wonderful for viewing beautiful landscapes around the lake. You can gather here with your friends and family and engage in great conversations. Boating is another activity available for the entertainment of tourists. Tourists can rent pedal boats to enjoy boating in the Nainital Lake.

Activities: One can spend a never to be forgotten time in the Boat House Club, whether it is for dining, enjoying the views of Nainital lake, boating or playing tennis in the field club.

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