Gurney House, Uttarakhand

Gurney House

Location: Situated near Nainital Lake, Gurney House is one of the beautiful historical buildings ofNainital.

Description: Gurney House is a premiere attraction for tourists coming here from all over the world. Initially, it was the residence of Jim Corbett, a famous hunter-conservationist and writer. Built in the year 1881, this building has been attracting a number of vacationers since last many years. Sister of Jim Corbett, Miss Margaret Winifred Corbett, sold this house to Mr. Sharda Prasad Verma in the year 1947 after Independence when they left India. Currently, the owner of this house is her granddaughter Nilanjana Dalmia. Construction of this house started in the year 1880 and it is said that the material used was obtained from their old dismantled house on Alma hill. Interior of Gurney House is beautifully ornamented with wooden furniture, while the house is surrounded by a lush manicured garden. This makes the overall view of the house quite magnificent and dream-like. The chimney and wooden furniture in this house reflects the old world charm. A few writings of Jim Corbett are still displayed here, giving a glimpse of bygone eras.

Activities: Though Gurney House is a private residence but visitors can still experience the magnificence of this structure after taking permission for touring this place and exploring its heritage.

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