The Mall Road, Uttarakhand

The Mall Road

Location: Mall road is a road located in the heart of Nainital city, adjacent to the Naini Lake and connecting two ends of the town.

Description: The Mall Road is a perfect place that gives a real sense to the Victorian era. During 20th century, rigorous hard work of Indian bureaucrats resulted in the beautiful modern settlements on Mall Road. Tourism is the most significant section of Nainital economy and Mall Road is one of the most visited places by tourists from all parts of the world. A person can take a leisurely walk, along with enjoying sightseeing on Mall Road.  Mall Road presents a magnificent view of Naini Lake and you can watch people moving around in their pedaling boats. On both sides of the Mall Road there are a number of shops and restaurants where visitors can spend good time. Govind Ballabh Pant Road is the new name given to Mall Road.  Mall road remains busy with local people and tourists during all seasons in the year.

Activities: When the cool breeze moves across the lake through Mall road, tourists can sit, relax and feel the tranquility of this place. Naini Lake, overlooking the paved paths of Mall road and surrounded by mountains makes it one of the best places to experience natural beauty.

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